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happy pets = happy humans

At Behavior Inc! we can help you and your pet live in harmony.  As a team we will work to change unwanted behaviors and create the relationship with your pet that you've always wanted.  


Everything Your Pet Needs

From behavior to fitness we have a wide range of services to fit your lifestyle

behavior and training
Fear-Free Certified
Professionals on staff
flexible scheduling and online support
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We offer behavior and training lessons and classes.  Looking for something new?  Try our trick dog, canine conditioning,  or scent work classes!

Our staff is dedicated to making your pet comfortable and confident in any situation.  We use only positive reward-based training methods.

Classes, private lessons and online support that fit into your schedule

Behavior Inc! is now partnered with K2K9 L.L.C.
to schedule classes, workshops, events and private lessons please use this link!
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