Classes are listed by start date only.


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Throughout the year we offer the following classes:

Puppy Foundations for Life

A class designed for puppies up to five months of age that prepares them for being out and about in the real world and incorporates Fear-Free veterinary visits.  6-week class

Household Manners 1

Refine your dog's basic skills.  For dogs six months and up.  6-week class

Focuses on:

  • sit, stay, down, come

  • loose leash walking

  • counter surfing, door dashing, destructive behaviors, and polite greetings for guests

  • training with distractions and creating focus

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

Puppies up to one year may enroll in this class.  It helps sharpen social skills and prepares them for taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen Class.  AKC recognition in their national registry and award are given upon completion.  6-week class

AKC Canine Good Citizen

The American Kennel Club has developed a program designed to show the world that your dog is polite and well-behaved in public.  This class prepares you for the CGC evaluation and upon completion your dog will receive the official AKC title of Canine Good Citizen!  6-week class

AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced & Urban

For dogs that have completed their Canine Good Citizen title.  Evaluation for these titles can be arranged as a private session with testing.  6-week class

(please note, your dog must complete the CGC before enrolling in these classes.  It is not necessary for your dog to be fully AKC registered; mixed-breed and unregistered dogs can participate as well)

Really Great Recalls

Create a reliable recall for your dog in all situations.   This class starts with games and positive reinforcement to build a recall that will bring your dog back to you each time you call them.  3-week class


Trick Dog

DMWYD is the the largest trick dog organization in the US.  Their goal is to to provide a program for you and your dog that teaches tricks in a fun and relaxed style.  Titles can be achieved and with over 150 tricks to choose from, any dog of any age will find something to try!  6-week class

Loose Leash Walking 

In this class we deconstruct the walk and then build it back up so your dog understands walking and you no longer have to worry about pulling and can enjoy the walk!  We use games and positive reinforcement to learn loose leash skills.   3-week class

AKC Fit Dog

Learn the proper way to stretch your dog, increase their core strength and stamina, and help keep them fit and healthy!  Good for dogs of all ages, skills and abilities.  Dogs can even earn fitness titles!  6-week class

Daycare 101

Learn the basics for helping your dog settle into daycare and be comfortable away from home.  Build a stronger relationship with focus and redirection and teach them a go to mat/settle cue that will transfer to daycare, traveling, or going to work with you!  3-week class

101 Things To Do With a Box

Games, tricks, and cooperative care behaviors all with a clicker and a box!  Over 100 really fun and useful different things to choose from.  You pick your favorites and we'll coach you.  6-week class



Along with the above classes we also offer workshops throughout the year.  These are one day events and require pre-registration.  

  • Holiday Survival Guide

  • Life After Covid: Helping Your Pets With the New Normal

  • How to Make and Use a Nail Scratchboard

  • Dogs & Kids:  Bite Prevention Workshop

  • Noise Phobias and the Holidays

  • How to help your pet live a Fear Free life (aimed at helping you with vet visits, storm and noise phobias, and strangers)