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Nutrition & Pet Weight Management

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Pet obesity and inactivity are common problems plaguing our pets today.  Many of the problems our pets develop as they age are exacerbated by loss of muscle tone and carrying additional weight.   Each year pets across the US are euthanized due to physical conditions brought on by lack of proper exercise and conditioning, conditions that could have been avoided with the proper diet and exercise plan.

Lack of exercise and improper diet are a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes our pets favorite foods are not always the best foods for them (just like us).  We can help you determine if a change in diet is needed and create an exercise plan to help keep your pet in tip top shape!

Help with:

  • diets for the different stages of life 

  • canine conditioning and exercise programs for rebuilding muscle and stamina

  • conditioning programs to counter age related issues

  • conditioning programs for dogs requiring a high level of activity in performance sports

  • diets for captive parrots that have developed feather destructive behaviors

  • post surgical and trauma exercise programs

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