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Fear-Free veterinary visits (and life in general)


Do you put off taking in your pet for routine veterinary care because it's such a battle to get them in the car, in the office, and then back home?  

No longer do pets need to fear the vet!

The Fear-Free Veterinary Visits program is designed to help you help your pet have stress free and happy visits to the veterinarian's office.  

And the Fear-Free skills we will teach you will work in many of the daily activities you might be struggling with such as:

  • car rides

  • grooming

  • reactions to visitors 

  • administering medication and health care

  • storm and noise reactivity

  • unexplained phobias

Contact us today to find out how to make your pets life stress free and loving their vet.

Looking for a Fear-Free Veterinarian?  Follow this link

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